1. What is "Grant Administrator Rights" During the install process for?

Android requires an application to have administrator rights in order to perform certain functions on a device. The function to totally wipe out data is one of the functionals that require these rights.
Please accept to give WipeOut Application administrator rights.

2. I am unable to un-install the application, I get the message 'Uninstall failed', how do I remove the application?

WipeOut requires you to first disable administrator rights before uninstalling it. This is a security feature put in place by andoid to avoid removal of applications with administrator rights.
Go to Settings->Security->Device Administrators and deactivate WipeOut, this will allow you to uninstall the application normally.

3. What happens when I want to use a new device with WipeOut?

WipeOut allows you to have one application linked to one email account. WipeOut will detect when you try to login to your account with a different device. You will be asked whether you want to make this device the default, if you agree, your WipeOut account will be linked to the device and WipeOut on the old device will cease to function.

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